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dear_cat's Journal

Dear Cat...
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Got something to say to your little kitty cat? Say anything you want to your kitty in a letter here.

EG: Dear Garfy, Please start cleaning off your feet when you're finish in the litter box because quite frankly, I love you to death, but I'm getting a little tired of sleeping in your assorted litter and poo.

Thanks baby, Love mom.

So, you got a letter for your fur-kid? Share them here.

I thought this would be a cute community to start up. Sometimes there are just so many things I could say to my cats lol.

Have fun, share your letters.

Although this is not a picture community, please feel free to post a picture of the cat your letters are being addressed to. If it's big, please use a cut for those on dial up. For some really great cat picture communities, try cat_lovers and cat_adoration. Both are wonderful and full of great people.

Getting a new kitty? Or any pet for that matter, join name_my_pet and let others help you out.

Also, if you have a cat and you're not sure what breed it is, check out wtf_kinda_cat and let others try to figure it out:)