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Dearest Movado

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Dec. 5th, 2009 | 05:43 pm
posted by: callme_courtney in dear_cat

I worry about you.

I know I've only had you for a week and that the house can be...a little overstimulating but I'm not sure if you should be steadfastly hiding beneath the bed. Don't you want to come out and explore? We've got the stairs blocked off so that you have the entire second floor to yourself; that little white dog can't get to you, you know. (By the way: She wants so desperately to be your friend, you know. She doesn't mean any harm.) Wouldn't you prefer to roam just a little? The door back to our room is always open, of course, if you feel the need to retreat but you have yet to set a paw outside of the bedroom.

I know you're a little miffed that I carried you out in an effort to get you started, but I really did mean well. I just thought if you could see what you are missing you'd be more inclined to become a bit more adventurous. And anyways, it was just you, me, and my father out there; you know neither of us means you any harm, right?

You must miss your old home. With your brother and sister. I know that I would. But, we want to be your new family. We want to love you and take care of you. We want you to like us.

I hope you become used to your new home soon, Movado. I can tell that you're a friendly cat, even if you're a bit shy.

Courtney, your new friend

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