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Mr Darcy and Blackadder

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Dec. 7th, 2009 | 04:08 pm
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mood: crazy crazy
music: bbc radio 2
posted by: uniquenerd1 in dear_cat

Dear Mr Darcy and Blackadder,

I know you are only kittens but please can you listen to me when i tell you off. Darcy, i love you to bits but i really really really don't appreciate slugs in my bedroom or you bringing in dead rats.
Blackadder, i love you lots as well but i do not appreciate you "helping" me with my homework when you have muddy paws, im sure my english teacher is not going to find it funny when they see the pawprints on my book.

I love you both very much but please try to behave and not to scratch me so much (im talking about you Blackadder).

Love Ella xx

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